About the Current Issue
In this issue of A&G "Changing Times in EA" we explore how being an enterprise architect isn't what it use to be, and talk about why that is a good thing.  Here is a quick preview of what you will see in this issue:
Four-Point Governance in the Knowledge Enterprise - by Joe Roushar 
In this article the author discusses how the focus on Enterprise Architecture has evolved from "systems and data" to capabilities and outcomes,"  and introduces you to a dynamic Four-Point Governance system.

Breaking Down A Service to the Quantum Level - by Monte Rummer
What is a service, and how can they support one or more business areas? Find out in this article. 

Enablers for Right-Sizing the Architecture Review Board - by Mohan Babu Krishnamoorthy  
Discover why you need an effective Architecture Review Board, and get step-by-step guidance on how-to create it. 

Leveraging Enterprise Architecture to Drive IT Service Cost Transparency  by Tim Pietro
Follow Tim Pietro as he guides readers through VMWare's journey to transform IT. Their goal on this journey is evolve IT management to reflect how the end user experience IT. 
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