About the Current Issue
In this issue of A&G "Lost in EA Translation" each author shares their advice on how to improve various parts of EA.  While each article is unique, each one recognizes that better communication with the business is essential for success.  Here is a quick preview of what you will see in this issue:
Governing Enterprise Meta-Models and Value-Chain Instrumentation - by Joe Roushar 
In this article the author discusses what implementing metadata governance tools and process' requires along with the lasting benefits of doing it right. 

Is EA For Everybody? - by Douglas M. Brown, PhD, CEA, PMP
The author in this piece will make you ask yourself  if you are really using EA efficiently. He also will give you steps to start or improve your EA program. 

Why Not Visualize Enterprise Architecture Principles Like They Do in Building Architecture - by Mark Paauwe
Explore the approach that If we can reuse principles and concepts from building architecture we can bring something "extra" to EA within each organization. 

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